The income from casinos from leisure activities

There are several casinos that have entered into a “contract” with the city in which they are situated in order to be able to afford investments in activities. In spite of the people’s reluctance to visit gambling places, the action is very much liked by them. This is true for a good number of casinos in Switzerland as well as in the south-west region of France.

In spite of the ongoing problem that affects the vast majority of land-based casinos, the amount of money that is being turned over at a casino that is located in Gujan-Mestras has increased. The establishment has seen a rapid increase in attendance as a direct result of its investments in various community activities. A relationship between the casino and the people who live in the city that does not allow individuals to maintain their neutrality.


The positive effects that will result from the presence of this casino can be broken down into three categories.


To begin, an investment in the amusement offered during peak times, such as during school breaks or other times of year when tourists are present. There is the potential for an increase in the number of tourists who visit the city. In terms of specific numbers, the casino is obligated to pay 45,000 Euros for the opera that is planned to take place throughout the summer as well as the renowned fireworks show that will follow the event.


After then, the tax on the gross gambling revenue was increased to 10% because the number of slot machines has dramatically grown over the past few years.


Sen. Mayor Marie-Helene of Esgaulx stated, in conclusion, that the casino was a gift from god. The casino has brought about a significant change in the city’s dynamic, in spite of the residents’ objections and other forms of resistance.


However, the casino has only been around for a short while, and given the growing significance of the loss of tax revenue, it should not be operated. According to Senator mayor, the tax on total casino revenue will not go above 10% for a good number of years. It is interesting to learn that this establishment comes in second place just after the well-known casino in Bordeaux.


In conclusion, we recognize the need of this kind of measure for a municipality that is home to a gambling facility. We have high hopes that this will serve as a model for other regions as they work toward achieving sustainable development and being appealing to citizens.

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